BookSmiles Grand Opening

Dear Colleagues::

I’m still reeling from Thursday… What a success!  What you helped do for over 100 teachers is so appreciated, by them and by me.  We are creating something here in South Jersey that is very special, and these teachers will spread the word, just as they will spread books throughout their respective districts, many of which are book deserts.

Take a look if you haven’t yet seen us on the news!

I know that there were a few hiccups during the event, but I would say we did well, considering this has never been done before in SJ.  My wife said that we could have easily handled a few dozen more teachers.  We will do this again.  I just need to figure out when.

Take a look at the pic all the empty boxes, which I have already sorted and stacked!

Judging by the empty boxes, we moved about 12,000 books out of the Book Bank! We have about 10,000 remaining!

We’re going to get some sorting done on Wednesday between 4 and 8 PM (we will be open every week at this time) and a few team members – Pamela and Karen –  have already signed up.  Just let me know if you can make it as well.  We will also be open from 8AM to 1PM every Sunday for sorting.

I will get a Google Form together that will facilitate sorting sign-ups.  It should be out soon.

My deepest thanks!

To Literacy!


Founder, BookSmiles